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Buck Brand Organic Citrus

Our Buck Brand fruit has become legendary for its great flavour and mouth-watering juiciness.

The Story of Buck Brand

Meet Lisle and Mary Lou Babcock, determined farmers and owners of Buck Brand Citrus, based in Terra Bella (Good Earth) in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

One memorable spring day back in 1997, Thrifty Foods met with Lisle Babcock and asked him two simple but important questions, "How many oranges do you need to sell in order to be viable? " and "……….can we buy your whole crop?"

From this moment onward, a perfect partnership was born - with Thrifty Foods purchasing those now famous Buck Brand Navel Oranges.

Over the years, we have continued to support the Babcocks and their team of family-run farms by expanding our exclusive citrus offering from that first Buck Brand Navel, to over a dozen varieties of citrus products now available in our stores - all of them certified organic.

Today, arriving seasonally, our Buck Brand fruit (including many fun varieties like Limequats and Mango Oranges) has become legendary for its great flavour and mouth-watering juiciness.

Hand-picked on Lisle and Mary Lou's California ranch when ripe and only when ordered, each Buck Brand Citrus fruit is brushed with a horsehair brush to concentrate its flavour, a traditional method that allows the fruit to 'breathe' naturally.

Buck Brand Citrus Varieties

Buck Brand has expanded their citrus offering to over a dozen delicious varieties and all of them are certified organic!
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Buck Brand Nutrition Info

These little fruit packages offer a lot more than a pretty colour and zesty aroma!
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