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Orange You Glad They're Nutritious?

These little fruit packages offer a lot more than a pretty colour and zesty aroma!
Buck Brand Oranges - Bag

A power-dose of nutrients nestles under that aromatic peel! Our certified organic Buck Brand Citrus Navel oranges could be dubbed the "poster" fruit for vitamin C, providing over 100% of your daily intake in one orange alone. Vitamin C helps to preserve healthy gums and teeth, fight infection and increase iron absorption - when eaten together with non-heme iron sources, such as those found in plant foods and dairy products.

Oranges also provide folate - an important factor in producing healthy red blood cells, preventing birth defects, and reducing the risk of heart disease, strokes and some cancers.

Did I mention that these beauties also offer fibre? Fibre is known to help with lowering cholesterol, keeping you regular and controlling blood sugar levels.

Oranges are very versatile. Try sliced or cubed citrus on top of salads, in yogurt, in an orange marinade, grilled, thrown into muffins or even into rice! The practical benefit of these oranges is that they also come with their own protective casing -- perfect for your lunch tote, purse or backpack - now that is Buck Brand beauty!!

By Jessalyn O'Donnell, RD