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Buck Brand Citrus Varieties

Buck Brand has expanded their citrus offering to over a dozen delicious varieties and all of them are certified organic!
Buck Brand Organic Navel Orange

Navel Orange

These are your snack on the go! Navel oranges are seedless and have a thick skin that is easily peeled. Their pulp is sweet, juicy and flavourful!
Buck Brand Organic Mango Orange

Mango Orange

Mango oranges have a delicate, sweet flavour with raspberry and tropical tones. They have a soft pink ring around the outside of the flesh making them a beautiful garnish for cakes and pastries.
Buck Brand Tangerine


These members of the mandarin family have a reddish orange skin that is thick, but easily peeled! Their flesh is bright orange and super sweet.

Buck Brand Organic Pommelo


Pommelos have a thick, soft, yellow-pink rind and a sweet flesh that is less acidic. Pick a pommelo that is blemish-free, fragrant and heavy for its size for extra juiciness.

Buck Brand Organic Limequat


Limequats have a greenish-yellow rind that is sweet like a kumquat, but with an acidic flavour like a lime. These can be eaten whole – rind included!
Buck Brand Organic Mandarinquat

Oro Blanco

Oro Blancos are a cross between a pommelo and a grapefruit. They have a thick skin and a bitter membrane, but inside their flesh is sweet, juicy and low in acid.

Buck Brand Organic Satsuma Mandarin

Satsuma Mandarin

Mandarins are seedless, sweet and have a notoriously low acidity level. They are known as the ‘zipper fruit’ – their peel ‘zips’ off easily!

Buck Brand Organic Star Ruby Grapefruit

Star Ruby Grapefruit

This grapefruit has a smoother and thinner peel compared to other grapefruits. It also has a sweeter flesh without the bitterness typical of its cousins.

Buck Brand Organic Minneola

Minneola Tangelo

Tangelos are picked later in the season which results in an especially sweet flavour and tartness. These juicy little gems are almost seedless and have a rich aroma.

Buck Brand Organic Kumquat


Kumquats are small, sweet oval-shaped fruits that are eaten raw, cooked, candied, pickled or preserved in marmalades.

Buck Brand Organic Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemons have an aromatic juice that is sweet and less acidic. Their smooth skin is great for zesting!

Buck Brand Organic Moro

Moro Blood Orange

Moro blood oranges have a juicy flesh that is best enjoyed fresh, but they also make flavourful sorbets!

Buck Brand Organic Melo Gold

Melogold Grapefruit

Melogold grapefruits share similar roots to Oro Blancos, but they have a thinner skin, larger fruit sections and their shape is similar to a pommelo. This variety is sweet, juicy and low in acid!

Buck Brand Organic T'Orange


The T’orange is the largest lemon-type fruit grown by Buck Brand. They have a sweet aroma, and a lemon flavour that is fresh and clean tasting, but without the bitterness typical of lemons.

Buck Brand Organic TDE Triple Cross

TDE Triple Cross

TDE stands for Temple tangor, Dancy mandarin and Encore mandarin – the triple threat that make up the TDE Triple Cross! This cross fruit has a darker orange rind, sweet and rich flavours and almost no seeds!