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Thrifty Foods Tasting Panel

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The Thrifty Foods Customer Taste Panel was created to ensure that our Alex Campbell Signature Series and Compliments products are tried, taste-tested and true to our promise of quality and freshness.
We work hard to develop delectable new taste experiences for you. This includes guaranteeing that our products are sourced from a supplier that has complied with stringent third-party audit requirements, signed a commitment to meeting our industry-leading quality and food safety standards, and provided full disclosure of plant and product food safety protocols.

Our local panel examines each product's nutritional value, claims and taste as part of this process. These results are also supported by laboratory analysis but it doesn't stop there. Our Compliments products are also re-tested every year by the Sobeys Taste Panel with each supplier undergoing a further independent food audit.

Every panelist remains a customer first and, with their extensive in-house training, these individuals provide us with unbiased feedback on our unique food and grocery offerings.