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Sterling Silver Premium Meats

Sterling Silver Beef
Sterling Silver Premium Meats creates high quality beef guaranteed to provide extraordinary tenderness, juiciness and flavor in each bite.

Why is Sterling Silver® Beef superior?

  1. It’s the best of the best
    Handpicked from the best of the highest grade of beef, Sterling Silver beef is more richly flavoured than lower grades of beef, providing exceptional tenderness, juiciness and taste in every bite.
  2. It’s beautifully marbled
    Marbling is the white flecks of fat within the muscle that melt into the meat as it cooks, giving it succulent flavour and texture. Sterling Silver beef is highly marbled for superior taste and texture.
  3. It’s aged just right
    Sterling Silver cuts are expertly aged to maximize tenderness and richness of flavour.

The Certified Tender Advantage

Great to Cook. Great to Eat. Certified Tender.

When you’re choosing a steak to grill, look for the Certified Tender* shield. It means the meat has been certified by the Canadian Beef Grading Agency to be tender and aged perfectly, so you can count on delicious results. You’ll only find this label on Sterling Silver® premium cuts.   
*CBGA certifies that this product meets process requirements for Certified Tender beef. For more information on Certified Tender beef, visit

"Upper Cuts"

Meet five of our favourite steaks – and then introduce them to your mouth! Love at First Bite.

Prime Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast

This premium cut has beautiful marbling and is optimally aged, making it perfect for roasting and special occasions.
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Rib Eye


A flavourful steak cut from the rib-eye, a boneless section of meat taken from the upper rib section.
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Strip Loin

Strip Loin

Also known as New York strip, the strip loin is cut from the short loin.
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tenderloin steak


Lean, with a buttery texture, the tenderloin is the most tender of all of the beef cuts.
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Top Sirloin

Top Sirloin

Top sirloin comes from the top sirloin butt and is the most premium of the sirloin cuts.
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