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Most children are told – usually over and over - not to play with their food. Luckily, our expert recipe developers at Thrifty Kitchens didn’t learn that lesson very well. They play with their food all day long: perfecting new flavour combinations, discovering ways to make healthier alternatives, and creating wholesome and delicious masterpieces. In short, they LOVE to cook. And you’ll love what they make.

The Thrifty Kitchens team creates amazing, ready-to-eat snacks and ready-to-pop-in-the-oven meals, from perfect dips and satisfying salads, to home-style-favourite soups, ethnically-inspired entrees, and much more. To stretch our amazing array of menu options even further, check out our recipe database. We’ll show you how to take one of our delicious Thrifty Kitchen products and turn it into something all new: like adding noodles and veggies to our Spicy Thai Soup to create a fabulous Pad Thai noodle dish. So fun, so tasty, and SO easy!

Visit our Bakery, Deli, Meat and Seafood departments to check out the selection. Looking for nutritional information on some of our Thrifty Kitchens products? Check here!