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Betterwith ice cream in a skillet brownie sundae
Meet Lori Joyce, our friend, ice cream lover and trusted partner since 2016 from Betterwith Foods in Chilliwack.

• Lori grew up on her family’s farm in Victoria. Her first job was picking and selling apples for their fruit stand when she was only 7 years old! 

• Lori got fired from her job at Mr. Grocer when she was 13 for reading a magazine. Although it was traumatizing, she believes everyone should get fired at least once in their life! 

• Her two sons, Alexei and Maxi, are the reason she started Betterwith. She wanted to raise them on great ice cream with the clean, traceable, single source ingredients she was used to growing up on a farm. 

• Lori only uses traceable milk in her ice cream. It comes from a third generation family dairy farm, Lavendar Farms, in Abbotsford. 

• Lori’s favourite flavour is strawberry, which uses locally grown berries from Langley. She’s not picky how it’s served; it can be in a bowl, cone or right out of the container, as long as she’s enjoying it with family and friends.

Enjoy Betterwith Ice Cream in our Skillet Brownie Sundae recipe, perfect for sharing with loved ones!

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