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Brockmann's Chocolates

Brockmann's Chocolates
Meet the Brockmann's from Delta, BC, multi-generation generations of chocolatiers making high quality chocolates that we’ve been enjoying since 2002.

• The Brockmann’s story begins in Germany where Willibald Brockmann was a confectioner. 

• Willy’s son, Norbert had always wanted to be a carpenter, but in Germany, confectionery was a trade passed down from one generation to the next. 

• So, how did the Brockmann’s delicious chocolates end up on the west coast of Canada?  

• Norbert’s uncle had bought a property in Horseshoe Bay on Vancouver Island and eventually convinced Norbert and his wife Marianne to move to Canada in 1980 – he claimed that it was just like Bavaria, plus the ocean! 

• After high school, one of the couple’s daughters, Kathrin, moved back to Germany to do an apprenticeship as a chocolatier, she also studied in London and traveled some more, but her roots are here on the west coast where she eventually returned to.

• Today, Kathrin and Norbert run Brockmann’s Chocolates, the family-run company they started together in Richmond, BC, now based in Delta, BC. 

• Norbert came from a school of chocolate that focused on natural ingredients, like the raspberry filling in their truffles. Kathrin likes to be more playful when creating flavours like their lime-coconut chocolate, which came to be after she couldn’t stop singing Harry Nilsson’s “Put the Lime in the Coconut” song. These different approaches are fulfilled in their commitment to using the freshest, natural ingredients in their chocolates. 

• The Brockmanns balance a longstanding family tradition of loving food while playing with ingredients and taking a modern and playful twist to create new chocolates that are rich in flavour.

Try the Brockmann family’s chocolates paired with an afternoon cup of coffee or for a sweet treat after dinner – you can find all the different flavours to try in our Bulk Department!

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