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Cinnabar Valley Farms

Cinnabar Valley Farms
Meet the Heistermans, our friends and partners since 2004 from Cinnabar Valley Farms in Nanaimo, BC.

  • Tyler’s parents started Cinnabar Valley Farms in 1974 as a dairy farm, but it eventually turned into a soil farm. 
  • In 1998, Tyler and Mandy bought the farm from Tyler’s parents. 
  • Mandy and Tyler have worked together for 23 years!  
  • Their son and daughter, Keaton and Madison, help out with the business – Madison is determined to run the business one day.

  • Madison’s signature dish is Smarties cookies – yum! 
  • Tyler is the president of the Nanaimo Track & Field Club as well as the head coach. 
  • Use their soil to start your garden, or feed it for the winter and get brilliant blossoms come springtime!