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Community Living Victoria

Community Living Victoria
Meet the Ellen Tarshis & Liz Carr, our friends and partners since 2008 at Community Living in Victoria, BC.

  • Community Living Victoria was established in 1955 (they just celebrated their 50th Anniversary!) by a group of parents to help support people with developmental or intellectual disabilities.
  • They are now the largest non-profit for community living service provider on Vancouver Island!
  • With the help of their 250 employees and 150 members, over 400 children, youth and adults benefit from the services they provide.

  • Ellen is the Executive Director and has been working with Community Living Victoria for 30 years. She believes in social justice and that it is important to "stand up for what's right".
  • Liz, who leads Employment Services, was first introduced to the Community Living Program when she was a manager at a restaurant in Victoria (she was actually recognized by the program as employer of the year!). She left her 20-year career to work with the organization and believes it was the best decision she has made.