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Cowichan Valley Farms

Meet Pat and Jim Peach, our friends and partners since 2013 from Cowichan Valley Farms in Duncan, BC.

  • Pat grew up in Langley, BC on a chicken farm. At one point her family had over 60,000 chickens!
  • Jim grew up in Victoria, and got his first job as a logger on the island.
  • The turkeys at Cowichan Valley Farms are allowed to roam outside. The flock even follows Pat and Jim around the farm – they are curious animals!
  • The farm is located in Duncan, BC and surrounded by wildlife like owls, eagles and bears that live near the farm.

  • Pat’s favourite part of the job is nurturing poults, which are baby turkeys! They are super fuzzy, and at about 6 weeks they can start going outside.
  • For the busiest seasons – Thanksgiving and Christmas primarily – the whole family is on board! However, for the rest of the year, Jim and Pat try to do everything themselves.
  • Pat and Jim’s favourite way to enjoy turkey is around a table with family.

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