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Darvonda Nurseries

Darvonda Nurseries
Meet the Jansens, our friends and partners since 2006 from Darvonda Nursuries in Delta, BC.

  • The Jansens see themselves as being more than farmers. They take pride in designing each piece they sell.
  • Darvonda Nurseries wants to be a connection, provide a sense of belonging to newcomers and connect with the community. Tamara & Byron even sponsored a Syrian refugee family, who now works at the Nursery.
  • Tamara met Byron when she was 17 at choir. She has been helping out with the business ever since.
  • Byron considers Tamara Darvonda’s “secret weapon” for success. She has contributed to the business for 20 years!

  • Byron played the bass, Tamara was a soprano and Byron’s mom was the conductor!
  • Byron’s brother Randal also helps out with the business and does a lot of the Alberta work, where they have a greenhouse.
  • The couple has 5 kids and 8 grand-kids!
  • One day, Lawrence and Tamara hope to pass the farm to the next generation. Their oldest son Lawrence is currently managing Darvonda Nurseries’ Sales and Business Development.