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Eatmore Sprouts & Greens

Eatmore Sprouts
Meet Carmen and Glenn Wakeling, husband and wife duo, and owners of Eatmore Sprouts & Greens in Courtenay, BC. They have been our friends and trusted partners since 1993.

  • Carmen’s first job in high school was a on friend’s sprout farm (Eatmore Sprouts surprisingly enough!) working their Market Garden, packing sprouts and doing deliveries. 
  • She planned to become a nurse then realized that she wanted to provide health to people through growing sprouts! All Eatmore sprouts are grown in pristine greenhouses and are certified organic.
  • Glenn, originally from New Zealand, and Carmen met when they were only 17 years old when he was on a working holiday! They got married two years later, settled down in Courtenay, purchased Eatmore Sprouts together and the rest is history.

  • They have two children, Robin and Amanda. Robin is an apprentice electrician and has been designing their new cooler! Amanda has been running their Market Garden for them. 
  • When they grow too many sprouts they donate them to the Mustard Seed, food banks in Campbell River and Comox Valley, and the Salvation Army. 
  • Carmen’s favourite way to enjoy Eatmore Sprouts is a soft boiled egg on a bed of broccoli sprouts. Glenn enjoys his everyday in a quick soup; he adds butter to hot water and adds the sprouts right in it with some sale and pepper!
Enjoy Eatmore Sprouts’ mixed bean sprouts & pea shoots in our light, nutritious and colourful Cannellini, Bean Sprouts and Vegetable Salad recipe that’s perfect for picnicking!

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