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Eugenes pita and tzatziki
Meet the Vassiliadis family, founders and owners of Eugene’s in Central Saanich. They have been our friends and trusted partners since 2016.

• The Vassiliadis family moved to Canada from Greece in 1974 with 4 suitcases and very little English.

• In 1979, Lina and Eugene (Mom and Dad) opened Eugene’s Greek Restaurant & Snack Bar in Victoria. At the time, Greek food wasn’t very well known so half of their menu was traditional Greek food and the other half was submarine sandwiches. As customers began to try and love the Greek food, they phased out the sandwiches.  

• Lee, the son of Lina and Eugene, is now the owner of the business. A few years ago, he sold the restaurant to spend more time with his family and focus on product sales.

• Lina and Eugene are now retired but they are always checking in on Lee to make sure the facility is clean and he is sticking to their recipes! 

• Eugene’s authentic homous and tzatziki are handmade in small batches (the size of a large mixing bowl) to stay true to Lina’s original recipes. They make their products to order; when they receive an order they start production and ship it the next day. Now that’s fresh!

Give your summer barbecues a Greek twist with our Feta Stuffed Beef Patties with Pita & Tzatziki recipe using Eugene’s handmade tzatziki!

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