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Fairview Orchards

Fairview Orchards
Meet the Machials, our friends and partners since 1996 from Fairview Orchards in Oliver, BC.

  • In 1964, the Machial family moved to Oliver, BC from Portugal to begin farming in Canada.
  • In Portugal, the family had had a smaller farm that grew olives and grapes.
  • Rick and Joe’s first job was changing gas sprinklers every day before school – they had to physically move the big, heavy pipes!
  • Brothers Rick and Joe are second-generation farmers today that own and operate Fairview Orchards with each of their sons, David and Brian.

  • David and Brian grew up on the farm, which was where they had their first job building boxes for peaches.
  • David’s favourite piece of equipment is a 4610 tractor, which he learned to drive on!
  • Joe almost went to the Olympics in the early 70s for wrestling!
  • Rick was on the first team from Oliver to win a provincial title in basketball.
  • The brothers have always had dogs on the farm, and they’ve progressively gotten bigger!
  • They love apples in sauces, crisps and homemade apple juice.

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