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Fernwood Coffee

Fernwood Coffee
Meet Ben Cram, our friend & partner since 2009 from Fernwood Coffee Company in Victoria, BC.

  • Ben grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • He was working as an executive chef, but with a young family and the long hours, it wasn’t ideal.
  • Ben and his wife were in the Parsonage Café in Fernwood, when the owners joked with them about buying it before actually offering them the opportunity. They took the jump and love it!
  • Ben has since become a certified judge for the World Barista Competitions which are happening in Dublin, Ireland in 2016.

  • Their 1936 Barth roaster is nicknamed Bart!
  • Ben’s son and daughter like to help out. Both of them sticker coffee bags and their son buses tables! Ben’s wife does the Human Resources.
  • Ben’s favourite way to enjoy Fernwood Coffee changes everyday. However, he does start every day with an espresso.
  • Try their tasty brew in our Vietnamese-style Iced Coffee or Coffee-crusted Beef Tenderloin Roast Recipes.

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