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Fraserland Organics

Fraserland Organics
Meet Shelly, Brent, Danny and Ab, our friends and partners since 1996 from Fraserland Organics in Delta, BC.

  • Fraserland Organics is a cooperative farming enterprise that is made of three farms: Fraserland, Bow Chong and Dhaliwal Farms. 
  • Brent and Shelly Harris run Fraserland Organics. Brent is a 5th generation farmer!
  • Danny Chong, a 3rd generation farmer runs Bow Chong Farms.
  • Last, but not least, Ab Singh is a 2nd generation and the owner and operator of Dhaliwal Farms.
  • Shelly, Brent, Ab and Danny all grew up in Delta and even went to the same high school!

  • Gary Hothi, who is quickly becoming a famous wedding singer in India, is working on their farms. Shelly says: “A rock star grows our potatoes!”
  • One of their customers who had a health condition once lived off of their organic russet potatoes – she even brought them on vacation!
  • Any cooking suggestions? They had a few to share. Danny’s wife makes roasted potatoes with olive oil, seasoning and garlic. Ab likes potatoes simple: just mashed. Shelly likes them roasted.

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