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Fresh is Best Salsa & Co.

Fresh is Best
Meet Lisa and Colin, husband and wife team, and owners of Fresh is Best Salsa & Co. along with their kids Maizy and Kade in Kamloops, BC. They have been our friends and trusted partners since 2010.

• Fresh is Best started from Lisa’s passion for salsa and Colin’s knowledge and culinary background to make it happen back in 1999. They were looking for fresher, healthier alternatives to the foods they loved, so the set out to create delicious chips and dips with no preservatives.

• They started from humble beginnings: Colin would prepare salsa and chips in their friend’s restaurant on Friday nights for the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market, while the labeling and packaging occurred in their home. Saying space was limited was an understatement. But, they just keep growing and are now in their second facility!

• Most of their business comes through wholesale. They distribute throughout British Columbia and Alberta, and are picking up traction in Ontario. But they also have two retail shops in West Broadway and Kamloops.

• While Lisa’s favourite part of the job is being able to work with her family and watching the company grow, Colin loves the marketing aspect of the job.

• The Garlic Spinach Dip is a crowd favourite – especially adding a dollop (or three) to mashed potatoes.

Try Fresh is Best salsas in our Grilled Fish Taco Bowl, perfect for summer dinners on the patio!

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