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Meet Tom Hertel, our friend and partner since 1977 from Hertel’s in Port Alberni, BC.

  • Tom and Helena Hertel started Hertel’s Meats in 1967. 
  • In 1967, Tom bought a backhoe which earned the nickname ‘Tobacco’ – he still uses it today! 
  • Tom also bought a bacon slicer –  the ‘mean machine’ – that can slice 3000 lbs of bacon per hour!
  • In his spare time, Tom likes to create rock carvings of animals like bears, turtles and frogs. He donates them to auctions from time to time
  • You might be surprised to find out that Tom’s signature dish isn’t bacon – it’s scrambled eggs!

  • Today, the family-run business in Port Alberni is run by Tom Hertel and Ron Caldwell, Tom’s son-in-law. Sometimes Tom’s grandchildren help too. 
  • Hertel’s has a tight team of 30 that prepares their products to send to our stores!
  • Start the day out right with Bacon Pancakes or enjoy your evening over Bacon-wrapped Chicken Wings with Four-flavour Sauce.

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