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Hi-Gear Seafood

Dungeness Crab Paella recipe
Meet Tim and Margaret Webster, husband and wife team, and owners of Hi-Gear Seafood in Victoria, BC. They have been our friends and trusted partners since 2007.

• Hi-Gear started when Tim was on a boat with a friend when the engine died, they set the anchor to fix the problem and when they pulled it up there was a commercial trap full of crab hooked to it! When they got back to the dock, there was a small boat for sale at just the right price. The rest is history! 

• Using his knowledge of the politics and opportunities in the industry, Tim founded the Crab Association in 2008 and ran it for 9 years. He represented fishermen from Southern and Northern Vancouver Island. 

 • After 25 years of crab fishing, Tim sold his license and everything else except his boat. He became a broker and now buys crab from fishermen who used to be his competitors!

• Superstitions are a big part of fishing – most fishermen are superstitious. From facing coffee cups the right way to opening jars of jam correctly, these simple tasks can make or break a fishing trip! 
• On days off Tim likes to fish. Winter and spring fishing are his favourite and he enjoys catching salmon and halibut. However, it’s not all about the catch – he just enjoys being on the water! 

• Tim and Margaret eat a lot of crab – it’s one of the only perks of the job! Tim likes it with a piece of toast and lemon and Margaret uses it in her famous crab cake recipe.

Try Hi-Gear Seafood’s finest crab in our Dungeness Crab Paella recipe, perfect for entertaining!

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