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Hippie Foods

Hippie Foods
Meet the Ian Walker, our friend and partner since 2003 from Left Coast Naturals and Hippie Foods in Burnaby, BC.

  • Ian grew up on the lake in Niagara, Ontario.
  • One day, he’d love to go on the Appalachian Trail. The trail spans 3,524.5km through 14 states in the US!
  • His spirit animal? An otter! He likes that they’re playful, but he wouldn’t eat off of his belly.
  • He plays guitar and used to busk.
  • Every morning, Ian starts his day with almond granola mixed in with plain yogurt.

  • He loves to geek out on new food trends! 
  • Hippie Foods was making tortilla chips when they had what Ian calls an ‘aha’ moment in 2005. 
  • Today, they make cookies, granolas, garden chips and other snacks as part of Left Coast Naturals (Ian is the President of both). They use ingredients that you can ‘see’!
  • Enjoy his Hippie Snacks or Left Coast Naturals Organic Bulk Foods as is or in our Crispy Coated Chicken Nugget and Lentil & Garbanzo Bean Burger recipes.  

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