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Honey Candles

Honey Candles made in Kaslo, BC
Meet Stephen and Alecia Neville, husband and wife team and owners of Honey Candles in beautiful Kaslo, BC. They have been our friends and trusted partners since 2015.

  • Aleica’s parents, Roy and Leah, started the business as an “empty nest” project after their kids moved out. Alecia and husband Stephen, now own Honey Candles and the third generation, their daughters, are getting involved! 
  • Every Honey Candle is hand poured or hand dipped using 100% pure beeswax. They are known for their air purifying effects and can last up to 3 times longer than paraffin!

  • Stephen’s favourite candle to make is the Heritage Drip candle because it has a personalized touch and each one is unique. The only tool used to make it is a ladle! 
  • Every day has a different task in this business, but one thing that Stephen and Alecia always make time for is breakfast and dinner with their kids – family is more important than anything! 
  • Alecia enjoys burning their candles in the kitchen after dinner – she describes it as “good company” when tidying the kitchen and it helps neutralize the smells.
Whether you are in need of relaxation, rejuvenation or celebration, treat yourself to a handmade 100% pure beeswax Honey Candle, perfect for any occasion!