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Hub City Fisheries

Hub City Fisheries
Meet the Roger Paquette, our friend and partner since 1983 from Hub City Fisheries in Nanaimo, BC.

  • Roger grew up in Duncan, BC. 
  • His favourite food in the world is mango!
  • He is a HUGE Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team fan! He changes chairs whenever the other team scores a goal on his beloved team.
  • His first job was doing double paper routes. He also did some construction work after high school and logging in the Queen Charlottes before discovering his passion – fishing!

  • Hub City Fisheries was born in 1980 out of Roger’s love for seafood, and passion for the industry.
  • He employs around 200 people and is proud that some have been with him for 25 years or more.
  • Roger sometimes calls his job ‘air traffic control’ because he deals directly with 200 to 300 fishermen per day!
  • Try their beautiful BC salmon - caught on our pristine coastline and our rivers in this Cedar Plank Salmon on Freekeh Salad or Gravlax with Mustard Sauce recipes.

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