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Lakeland Farms
Meet Nick Warmerdam, father and owner of Lakeland Flowers in Abbotsford, BC. Nick and his family (including Diesel the dog!) have been trusted partners since 2011.

• The business stemmed from Nick’s father, Peter, who started growing a small patch of daffodils as a sideline more than 50 years ago in the Netherlands. Since then, daffodils and tulips have become the family business.

• From tulips, to peonies, to daffodils and gladiolas, everything on the farm is picked by hand in a day or two each. Just think – when the greenhouse is full, there’s about 2-3 million tulips in there! That’s a lot of picking!

• Lakeland is also the force behind Bloom, the wildly successful Abbotsford Tulip Festival owned and run by Nick’s daughter, Alexis. In its first year alone, the festival attracted 100,000 people!

• Emerging technology and new equipment helps make the work more manageable. Nick travels to the Netherlands every 2-3 years to learn and scope out new equipment for the farm.

• Nick enjoys all aspects of the business – but what brings him the greatest satisfaction is watching Lakeland grown year-over-year and knowing customers love their flowers just as much as he does.

Whether you’re going to a dinner party, have a celebration, or want to spruce up your home, call on Lakeland Flowers for any occasion!