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Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks
Meet Nancy and Clarke Gourlay, our friends and partners since 2003 from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks in Qualicum, BC.

  • Nancy grew up in Richmond, BC and her first job was in typesetting. Clarke grew up Castlegarand his first job was on a lumbermill.
  • One thing Nancy couldn’t live without? Her horse Jackson who she loves to ride!
  • Nancy and Clarke both love cheesemaking, but one day they’d really like to hand the business down to their children and spend time with their grandchildren.
  • The Gourlays were inspired to start Little Qualicum Cheeseworks after spending 3 years living in Switzerland with their sons. They started out with no cheesemaking experience!

  • Today, Nancy’s dad does their sales, and her mom is in charge of packaging. Their three sons also help out.
  • The farm has a herd of 70 cows whose milk they use for their cheeses. They were the first dairy farm in BC to be SPCA certified!
  • Try their amazing Fromage Frais in our Fromage Frais-stuffed French Toast recipe – it’s creamy cheese with a raspberry jam inside! Or for something more savoury, our Little Qualicum Cheese and Herb Rolls recipe!

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