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Longview Farms

Longview Farms
Meet Ryan and Eric from Longview Farms in Saanichton, BC. They’ve provided certified organic fresh greens to our stores since 2014!

• Ryan is a fifth generation farmer and was always expected to continue the family trade. After travelling and living in Australia, teaching English in Taiwan then living in Vancouver for a few years, Ryan, inspired by his grandfather, returned to Vancouver Island to continue farming. 

•  The 400 acre farm overlooks the Saanich Peninsula – a view of the ocean and beautiful vistas inspiring them to call the farm 'Longview'. It is a name with deep history and a focus for the future. 

• Together, with a dedicated team, Eric and Ryan run Longview Farms' growing and sales programs. Ryan’s first job was sweeping coolers and he’s now the General Manager, coordinating all sales, marketing and long term planning for the farm.. Eric is the Head Grower, organizing crop planting, harvesting, and providing leadership for the team out in the fields. 

• As part of his leadership, Eric helps train the next generation of farmers. He developed an internship program at Longview Farms four years ago where students from the ISA Lille School of Agriculture and Bio-Engineering in France have the opportunity to complete their practicum by farming at Longview Farms and practicing their English and Spanish in the process. 

• Ryan and Eric’s team grows approximately 40 different certified organic crops for our stores, including organic lettuces, kale and chard. Their crops are picked as soon as they are ready and are on the shelf within 24 hours. This process means the freshest produce and limited food waste because they only pick produce that is ready.

Heat up the grill and try Ryan and Eric’s fresh greens in our Grilled Strip Loin Steaks with Kale Chimichurri Sauce recipe!

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