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Rock Coast
Meet Amber and Jon Isles, the ‘confectionery’ couple behind delicious RockCoast toffee from Saanichton, BC who have been our partners and friends since 2016.

• Amber and her husband Jon started RockCoast Confections five years ago, selling English toffee in the local markets on Vancouver Island. 

• In the beginning, the couple used a registered kitchen after-hours to make the toffee. However, last year Jon, a Construction Worker by trade, modified a space in their home to industry standards so they could start producing their tasty treats there instead.

• Amber’s mom, Roxanna, helps her every day with production. Her brother and step dad also help, and even their neighbours pitch in when the team of two needs extra hands – in exchange for some tasty treats of course! 

• Amber, who started her career as a Veterinary Technician, has a passion is candy. She loves experimenting with new flavours, ingredients and the chemistry behind the whole process. 

• Though she’s baking her way to our hearts with her toffee, Amber hasn’t abandoned her passion for animals. She still volunteers with animals and one day would like to start a rescue farm with one of her veterinary friends.

Try Amber and Jon’s toffee in our Toffee Bark Coffee Cake recipe – a definite crowd-pleaser at your next get together!

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