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Meet the Emily White, our friend and partner since 2005 from SalsaMan in Nanaimo, BC.

  • Emily’s dad, Kevin started selling salsa out of a red camping cooler outside their family home, using an honour system. He also took orders at Emily’s school. 
  • Eventually, the neighbourhood started calling him the ‘salsaman’!
  • Before diving into salsa, Kevin had been working as a paramedic in Nanaimo.
  • In 1997, with the help of his friend Gord Cox, Kevin started making salsa on a larger scale, and in 2005 SalsaMan was born!

  • Emily started helping out her dad with labeling when she was 7 years old.
  • Today, Emily runs the family-owned business. She has 7 employees come in once a week for a ‘salsa shift’ during peak season.
  • Kevin still helps out occasionally, and the entire family helps support Emily and SalsaMan!
  • Emily’s uses SalsaMan salsa as a marinade – on everything!

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