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Salt Spring Island Cheese

Gorgeous Salt Spring Island Cheeses
Meet David and Daniel, our friends and partners since 2002 and the father-son team behind beautiful handmade cheeses from Salt Spring Island.

• David moved to Toronto from Scotland with his three children: Daniel, Joshua (Daniel’s twin) and daughter, Thea.  

• David’s food passion lies in French and Italian food, which he loves to cook and inspired his delicatessen shops in Toronto. 

• After the Wood family moved to Salt Spring Island, they sold their first piece of cheese at Salt Spring Island Cheese in 1996 and they haven’t looked back!  

• When the family started their cheese business, Daniel’s first job was milking the sheep – he didn’t realize that he’d be head of the company one day!

• Salt Spring Island cheeses are hand-made by a 20-person team using traditional cheese-making methods. 

• Of course David and Daniel have their favourites when it comes to their cheeses! David prefers Camembert-style cheeses like Romelia whereas Daniel likes the softer cheeses like the Ruckles – soft cheese logs with herbs and fresh garlic, drizzled in grape seed oil. 

Try one of David and Daniel’s flavourful cheeses in our Goat Cheese, Grilled Nectarine & Prosciutto Sandwiches recipe.

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