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Three Diamond Dressing

Three Diamond Dressing
Meet Gus and Maria Tsigonias, the couple behind the delicious dressing that will take your salad game to the next level! They’re from Osoyoos, BC and we’ve been partners and friends since 2016.

• Red Seal Chef Gus was born in Greece, and considered a career as a professional soccer player there until he turned 19 and left his home country to visit his uncles in Montreal. 

• After working for two years in Montreal, Gus traveled to the West Coast to work in Vancouver and Whistler. 

• Maria grew up in a traditional Portuguese household, spending the summers picking fruit at their family orchard.

• She was working as a server at The Diamond Restaurant when Gus applied. The two felt a spark and were married in 1983. 

• The couple eventually moved to Vancouver where they ran and owned a restaurant for 10 years. They were trying to relocate to Coquitlam when their beloved Diamond Restaurant came up for sale. They bought the restaurant and moved back to Osoyoos. 

• At The Diamond Restaurant, Maria and Gus’ customers constantly commented on how good their signature dressing was – adults were even getting defensive over their salad plates to get every last drop of garlic-y goodness. 

• Though Gus won’t share the recipe with anyone, including his wife, they began bottling the dressing and haven’t looked back!

Try Maria and Gus’ dressing as a drizzle, marinade or bread dipper! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Marinated Grilled Vegetable Salad recipe that uses this tasty dressing.

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