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Thrifty Kitchens

Thrifty Kitchens
Meet the folks behind the legendary Sausage Rolls, Maui Ribs and the Pot Pies at Thrifty Foods from beautiful Saanichton, BC. Thrifty Kitchens has been a trusted partner and serving up your favourites since 1994.

• Thrifty Kitchens first opened in Oak Bay only supplying five stores. They’ve since expanded and have been operating at their Kirkpatrick location since 2002 with 80-90 employees.

• What differentiates Thrifty Kitchens from other mass-produced operations is they don’t compromise quality. They produce around 160 items – all fresh and handmade. Even the sausage rolls are rolled into the pastry by band – a process that takes them two full days!

• You can find their products in the Bakery, Meat, Seafood, and Deli departments. They even make the famous vanilla and cocoa icing for all of the Thrifty Foods bakeries.

• The biggest challenge at Thrifty Kitchens is that everything is so fresh, that the production must be timely. Each Thrifty Foods location gets deliveries six days a week! This is no problem for the facility lead, Darcy, whose favourite part of the job is improving efficiencies and creating new processes for production.

• Thrifty Kitchens uses local products whenever possible – all the dairy is from Island Farms, chicken is from Sunrise Farms in Surrey, and meat is from lower mainland BC.

• Darcy’s favourite item is the sausage rolls!

Try Thrifty Kitchen’s grab & go meals for the family or their Maui Bahn Mi for your next backyard bash.

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