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Tribal Java

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Meet Marion and Guy Hoffman, coffee connoisseurs and trusted partners since 2007 from Tribal Java in Vernon.

• Marion grew up in Germany where her grandfather founded the company in 1929! Her father Max moved his family, the company, and its two beloved roasters to Vernon in 1982. Marion’s first job was working behind the scenes for $5 an hour. Thirteen years ago, when her father passed away, she took over the family business.

• Guy, her husband, worked as an electrician in Vancouver before moving to Vernon to help Marion once her dad got sick. They’ve been expertly roasting coffee ever since.

• Marion has two siblings who also live in Vernon, but she’s the only one who was keenly interested in the family business. She recalls sneaking sips of coffee as a child in the family home in Germany when a freshly roasted batch was taste-tested by her parents. She’s been hooked ever since.

• Marion swears by the abilities of the 1956 roasters her father brought with them from Germany. The result: a bitter-free, dark roast that’s full-flavoured. The business is modeled after a “fresh roast & grind” mantra which means the roasted beans get to the customer within 7-10 days. The couple believes this freshness, along with using organic, Fair Trade beans, are strengths that keep the company growing in the double digits every year.

• The couple’s favourite way to enjoy their product? A black Americano, made with their Ancient Ritual. It’s the staff pick too.

Enjoy Tribal Java in these Coffee Molasses Marinated Pork Chops for a bold dinner main!

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