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At Thrifty Foods, we have a really simple attitude about sustainability: we believe in doing what’s right. Period.
We’ve been committed to doing what’s right for our community – both our immediate community and the bigger, global one - since the day our first Thrifty Foods sign went up almost forty years ago. It’s a commitment that’s top of mind every single time we open our doors.  Composting our organic waste and recycling our packaging, including Styrofoam? That’s doing right. Choosing environmentally and socially responsible suppliers? Yup, we believe that’s also doing right. Opting for more earth-friendly energy-use options and refrigeration systems? Absolutely, we’re committed to that, too. 

It’s not our style to shout out our achievements but, since you’re asking, yes: we do take pride in our sustainability efforts. From donating to hundreds of sustainability-oriented community organizations to committing to ‘cleaner’ ingredient in our house-made Thrifty Kitchens products, to minimizing our carbon footprint, we’re making constant progress to help build the kind of world we'd like to live in – today and tomorrow. It’s about being both vigilant and imaginative in bringing to life our mission & purpose of helping customers Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better in all that we do. Here are a few big and not-so-big ways we’re making our business – and our world – more sustainable. 

  • We're committed to using sustainable designs and best practices in energy management to build green buildings.
  • We offer a rebate to customers who Choose to Reuse reusable bags.
  • We recycle many of our own products and packaging materials including Styrofoam containers, and we accept several types of recycling from our customers.
  • We operate an organic waste composting program at almost all of our stores and at our Thrifty Kitchens commissary in Victoria, BC. Our finished compost feeds the earth in school yards, farms and public parks (including Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver).
  • We’ve worked with BC Hydro’s Power Smart team since 2003, and are proud to have actively partnered with them since 2010 on several in-store green programs, including our outreach and education activities.
  • All of our Lower Mainland stores use 10% Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) through a partnership with FortisBC.
  • We’re big supporters of Earth Day and celebrate it every year with our staff, taking the opportunity to announce new green program enhancements, ‘Green Hero’ awards, and other green successes throughout the business.
  • We offer a broad selection of sustainably grown and harvested fresh food products in our stores including hundreds of certified organic produce items, and Ocean Wise-certified seafood options. Please click here for more information about our sustainable food products, our Thrifty Foods We Pick BC First program, certified organic options, fair trade options and more.

Compost Program

One of our most recent green victories has been the development of a sustainable chain-wide organic composting program.
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Earth Day

Each year, we mark Earth Day with our customers and our employees.
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Green Buildings

We are working to build energy efficient buildings, and continue to innovate and implement conservation projects in store.
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We're recycling in our stores to reduce waste.
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Renewable Natural Gas

Since April 23, 2012 Thrifty Foods has been partnered with FortisBC in the use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).
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Reusable Bags

In 2009, Thrifty Foods was one of the first retail grocery chains in BC to eliminate single-use plastic bags. We continue to offer paper bags to our customers, and to sell reusable cloth bags at every location.
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