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Compost Program

One of our most recent green victories has been the development of a sustainable chain-wide organic composting program.

It began in early August 2012, when Energy and Environment Manager Jerry Wyshnowsky traveled to all of our Victoria-area locations to launch the new organic composting program. This enables us to compost food waste scraps from our Produce, Meat, Dairy, Bakery and Deli departments - everything from expired yogurt to a wheel of brie cheese complete with the paper box it came in!

Today, the finished product from our store-produced organics is used in public spaces such as school yards, farms and parks - even in Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver.

Participating mainland stores have also partnered with Harvest Power to convert compost into electric power through anaerobic digestion - diverting waste and harnessing harmful GHG emissions to create enough electricity to power 60 BC homes for a year. 

As of Earth Day 2015, a total of 22 Thrifty Foods locations (including our Vancouver Island-based commissary: Thrifty Kitchens) are participating in the new composting program to its fullest extent.

Our organic waste composting program, coupled with our in-store recycling program, ensures that participating Thrifty Foods locations divert up to 90% of their waste from the local landfill.