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We're recycling in our stores to reduce waste.
The Thrifty Foods Styrofoam Recycling program, launched at the end of August 2012, has successfully diverted 15 semi-trailer truckloads of compressed Styrofoam from our local landfills.

Earth Day Recycling Challenge

For Earth Day 2012, our employees competed to recycle the most materials per store (pro-rated to store size) as part of an expanded in-store recycling program, with our partner Cascades Recovery Inc. The Cascades program empowers each of our over 4,500 employees to be a big part of the solution and the result was a diversion of over 29 metric tonnes of plastic and paper in just six weeks.

Our recycling program includes pickup of the following materials from our stores:
  1. Cardboard
    Clean, flattened cardboard
  2. Paper 
    Colour & White Envelopes
    Colour & White Paper
    Copier & Fax Paper
    File Folders
    Shredded Paper
    Kraft Paper i.e. Paper bags
    Carbonless Paper
    Boxboard (Tissue & Supply Boxes)
    Paper Packaging
  3. Plastic 
    Clean, plastic wrap/film
    Bubble and shrink wrap
    Clear or coloured plastic bags
    Clear or coloured shopping bags
  4. Rigid Containers 
    Metal Food and Beverage Cans
    Glass bottles and Jars
    Clear blue, clear gray or clear white plastics (i.e. soda/water bottles, medicine containers, ketchup bottles, etc.)
    Laundry soap containers, bleach and milk jugs, shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles
    Beverage bottles, vacuum formed food containers
    Yogurt or cottage cheese containers
    Potting plants, styrene plates
We also recycle our electronics (cash registers, computers, and telephones) and compost all food waste at most of our locations.

We continue to accept cans, bottles and drink boxes from our customers for refund at every location.