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Reusable Bags

In 2009, Thrifty Foods was one of the first retail grocery chains in BC to eliminate single-use plastic bags. We continue to offer paper bags to our customers, and to sell reusable cloth bags at every location.
Our reusable bags come in various designs and our large Compliments bag can hold over twenty kilograms. Our bags have been carefully sourced to meet and exceed safety standards prescribed by Health Canada.
Reusable Bag

Care Instructions

Don't forget to wash your reusable bags! 

Our non-insulated Thrifty Foods bags are made from 20% recycled material on average. 

We suggest you clean the inside of your bags monthly, or when the bags are soiled (have had food juices spilled in them).

Choose to Reuse  

To help our customers make the switch and remember their reusable bags, we offer an affordable reusable bag option at every till and provide $0.03 back for every bag returned. Help us help the environment by remembering to Choose to Reuse each time you shop with us! 

We also have a Thrifty Foods mobile app that will help you to remember to bring your bags.

Recycling Plastic Bags 

Thrifty Foods continues to accept and manage the pickup of plastic bags in our stores, though we currently do not offer single-use plastic carryout bags at the checkout.