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Nourishing the Arts

Our communities are so much richer because of the incredible music, theatre, festival and art they offer. We are inspired by our local artists and excited to help develop a passion for creative arts.

The arts enrich our communities, and we proudly support these groups throughout the year. If you're an arts group looking for sponsorship, read more about our sponsorship process. 

Victoria Symphony
Through season sponsorship, outreach education concerts and Symphony Splash, Thrifty Foods proudly sponsors the Victoria Symphony. Each year our staff volunteers fund-raise during the Symphony Splash event - all the proceeds from our snack tent directly support the symphony.

Victoria Conservatory of Music
We support young talent through the conservatory, sponsoring the Victoria Conservatory of Music's Mother's Day Garden Tour, Children's Music Series, Vancouver Island's Got Talent, as well as other events throughout the season.

Belfry Theatre
Thrifty Foods is an annual seasonal sponsor of the Belfry Theatre, a professional theatre company located in Victoria. The Belfry has been producing live theatre for 30 years, presenting 230 plays, 158 of which were Canadian.

Kaleidoscope Theatre
Created in 1974, Kaleidoscope is the only professional theatre company on Vancouver Island producing plays designed specifically for youth and families, and Thrifty Foods is an annual seasonal sponsor.

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival
For over 86 years the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival has offered a venue for local talents in music, dance and dramatic arts.

The Victoria Jazz Society
Thrifty Foods supports both the Vancouver Island Blues Bash and TD Victoria International Jazz Fest produced each summer by the Victoria Jazz Society. These exciting events bring amazing talents to the Greater Victoria Area and open our communities to new music and artistic entertainment.

Filberg Festival
Since 2007, we've provided support to the Filberg Festival through the sale of event tickets at our stores and food donations to feed the volunteers. The annual four-day Filberg Festival is held each BC Day long weekend, on the beautiful 9-acre waterfront Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park, in Comox Valley, BC.

Intrepid Theatre
We support quality alternative theatre in our community. The Intrepid Theatre is a charitable, not-for-profit organization which produces The Victoria Fringe Festival and Uno Fest, and a year round series of international theatre presentations.