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Bev - Tuscany Village

Meet Bev.  This native Victorian is married, with a son, daughter and three grandchildren.  After retiring from the City of Victoria, she offered to help at the Parksville facility where she and her husband have a vacation residence and soon found herself in another full-time job.  In 2007, she made a commitment to really retire and do something completely different.  Bev found herself volunteering for Sendial at the Tuscany Village Thrifty Foods Store, where she is now a Shopping Captain.  Bev has a belief in life about being of service to others and volunteering makes her feel good.  As a Sendial volunteer, she enjoys making a difference by helping others, likes learning about her fellow volunteers and the store staff and values the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas. Bev feels that volunteering for Sendial provides insights into others, provides an opportunity to make friends and offers her a sense of belonging.  Consistent with her spirit of helping others, Bev and her husband traveled to Mexico with their church for humanitarian purposes to build a house for a local family.  The church does this three times annually and always takes Thrifty Foods bags to fill with local groceries to distribute to poorer residents in the area.