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Jennifer – Tsawwassen

Meet Jennifer.  Jennifer was born in England and came to Canada at the age of five.  She moved around a lot as a child, and eventually settled in Tsawwassen, where she has lived for 46 years.  She likes to be active and enjoys sports, especially golf and tennis and travels around to take in various tournaments. Jennifer volunteers because she has the capacity to do so, likes to help people and finds it enjoyable.  She has volunteered at the Tsawwassen store for about 5 ½ years, mainly as a Shopper, but also as a Checker sometimes.  She likes interacting with others and getting to know a variety of people; becoming acquainted with staff and chatting with customers.  Jennifer values being of help and contributing to a very much needed service; a service that delivers grocery orders right to a customer’s door, which she thinks is great.  To someone contemplating becoming a volunteer, Jennifer would say that Sendial, enables one to give of oneself and learn about different food and that it makes her feel good.  She also feels that the lives of people are enhanced by the volunteering that they’re able to do.