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Lori - North Vancouver

Meet Lori. This native Manitoban moved with her parents to North Vancouver in 1972. She left her advertising job to be a stay-at-home mom to her two sons and started volunteering at that time. Lori has worked on a number of social/fundraising events for her church, golf club and other organizations. Twice a year she hosts a community luncheon for 70 seniors. Community is the common thread in everything Lori does. A Sendial posting on the North Vancouver Thrifty Foods Store community board spoke to Lori almost seven years ago and she has been a volunteer Shopper and Captain ever since. Lori is motivated by having fun, meeting people, and making a difference in both her own and other people’s lives. She likes that Sendial is targeted to a specific market; that she’s able to work with other community-minded, dedicated and active volunteers and that she is able to interact with wonderful staff. Lori appreciates that at a time when everything is technology/computer driven, it’s nice that this service has a human at the other end. Lori feels valued as a Sendial volunteer and finds her efforts are extremely gratifying. In addition to Sendial, Lori also enjoys many other personal interests and activities, including golf and pickleball.