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Margery – Parksville

Meet Margery.  Margery and her husband were born in Saskatchewan, moved to Chilliwack for a time and then to Toronto for 17 years.  After his retirement in 1995, they relocated to Qualicum Beach.  Margery and her husband have been married 63 years! They have a son she describes as absolutely wonderful.  Margery enjoys music – piano playing and singing – and also enjoyed curling and golfing for much of her life.  She’s volunteered a lot over the years and likes being helpful.  She heard about Sendial from a friend and has been volunteering at the Parksville Store for 13 years, first as a Phoner/Shopper, and now primarily as a Shopper.  She very much likes the camaraderie afforded by volunteering and is also grateful for how Thrifty Foods recognizes and shows its appreciation for volunteers.   Margery remembers how a 78 year old arthritic customer valued Sendial and told Margery that she, too, might need Sendial at 78.  Amused, Margery refrained from telling the customer that she was already well past 78.  To a prospective Sendial Shopper, Margery would share that enjoying shopping is important, attention to detail is paramount and that Thrifty Foods is very good to its volunteers.