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What happens next?

Applications are reviewed regularly and organizations will be notified if they have been approved or declined by e-mail within 4 weeks of the date the application was received.

Approval information will include a maximum fundraising amount, the fundraising eligibility period, and the initiative for which the funding is to be utilized.

Thrifty Foods will issue a series of Smile Cards to a designated representative from your organization that will be responsible for administering the program and distributing Smile Cards to group members.

Each time the Smile Card is "loaded" with a cash amount, Thrifty Foods automatically donates 5% into your organization's Smile Card Account. The account balance is paid out every 4-5 weeks.

The Fine Print

  1. Groups must apply to the Thrifty Foods Smile Card Fundraising Program each year.
  2. Groups are eligible to fundraise when their program/activity is active (i.e. schools can fundraise from September to June, soccer teams from September to March, etc.). Groups that operate year-round will be put on Thrifty Foods' fiscal calendar (May-April).
  3. Funding is intended for specific projects or initiatives. Applications requesting funding for ongoing operational or program expenses will be declined.
  4. Applications received from any for-profit business, political advocacy groups or individual endeavours will be declined.
  5. Payments are made every 4-5 weeks. Funds will be issued to an organization's financial institution by electronic transfer, not to an individual.
  6. Thrifty Foods reserves the right to request documentation indicating evidence of the usage of funds provided for any payments made.
  7. Cards issued will accumulate funds during the approved fundraising period or until the maximum fundraising amount is achieved. When the end date or maximum amount has been achieved, card users will still be able to use the Smile Card for convenient grocery shopping, though funds will no longer accumulate for the group. Smile Cards will be valid for applications approved in the future.
  8. Once issued, Smile Cards are the property of the user. Thrifty Foods cannot assume any responsibility for lost or stolen cards.
  9. Thrifty Foods has the final decision whether to accept or to decline groups applying to the Smile Card Fundraising Program.

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