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Smile Card Fundraising Program Guidelines

Looking for a little more info before you get started on your application? We'll go through all the details you need for applications, approvals, orders, and more.


  • An online application is available here.
  • All groups must re-apply for the program every year. Processing times for applications is 4 weeks.

Application Approvals

  • Once your application is approved, (based on a number of program criteria) we will send you an email with details including the fundraising maximum amount.
  • Smile Card payments will be issued by electronic funds transfer every 4-5 weeks to your organisation's bank account. You must complete this form to sign up in order to receive your payments.
  • Funds raised through this program must be used for the purchases set out in your application form, for which your application was approved. If your group's fundraising needs change please contact us to advise and we will review and confirm approval.
  • We note one primary contact on file for each organization (as set out in your application). Please ensure all contacts and requests regarding the program are made by your primary contact, including Smile Card orders.
  • If your organization's contact information changes, please notify us immediately so we can update our records and payment information on file.

Smile Cards & Smile Card Orders

  • Smile cards issued to your organization in previous years can still be used this year and next year, so please ask cardholders to save their cards from year to year.
  • Smile Card orders: if additional Smile Cards are required, or if you are new to the program, please FIRST canvass your group to determine the number of interested cardholders and number of cards needed. Approximate your card needs higher than what you estimate as often groups are able to quickly distribute cards.
  • Next, please ensure the primary contact for your organization (as set out on your application) sends an email request for smile cards to the Community Relations Coordinator. Please include the name of your organization, and the number of cards you require.
  • Cards will be sent to the nearest Thrifty Foods store in your area (pick up date provided when cards arrive at the store, they will call you when they arrive). Processing time for card orders is approximately 7 business days depending on request volumes and your location.
  • Smile card numbers: groups are required to manage card lists and/or numbers for the cards they receive. We cannot provide lists of card numbers or reports on individual or group card activity.
  • It is recommended the organization track the distribution of Smile Cards (19-digit card number, and 6-digit security number & cardholder name) in case of loss. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately by calling Thrifty Foods Customer Service (250-544-1234 or 1-800-667-8280) or by going to any Thrifty Foods store. Once reported, existing funds on the card are locked. A replacement card must be obtained from your group's administrator. Keep a record of your 19 digit card number, located on the back of the card, for reference in case of loss/theft.
  • Cards can be loaded at the Customer Service Desk or at any till. The card must be loaded prior to having the grocery order rung in (they are two separate transactions).
  • Cards that have become demagnetized should be replaced as soon as possible. Replacement cards can be obtained from the Customer Service desk of any Thrifty Foods location.
  • Card balances and group names are displayed on grocery receipts as well, during the fundraising period.

Sponsorships & Donations

  • Organizations participating in the Smile Card Fundraising Program are not eligible for any other funding or sponsorship from Thrifty Foods.


Please call 1-800-667-8280 or send us an email.