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Smile Card Stories

Who doesn’t love a good news story? We sure do! We're so excited that our Smile Card Fundraising Program lets us play a key role in lots of them.
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Cook Street Village Activity Centre, Victoria: $2500 raised through our Smile Card Fundraising Program to support a Friday Special Events Program for seniors. Peninsula Young Performers, Sidney: $2500+ raised through our Smile Card Fundraising Program to finance dance costumes and shoes, travel to performances venues, and festival fees. Mundy Road Elementary School, Coquitlam: $9000 raised through our Smile Card Program over several years to purchase new playground equipment.

If you’re as keen as we are about fabulous projects and community-inspiring efforts, read on about many more initiatives our Smile Card Fundraising Program supports in your community. And don’t forget to share your Smile Card Fundraising Program success story! Did our program help raise support for your school lunch program, build your community garden, or finance your team’s equipment? We would love to hear how your community group used our program to make its project dream or program plan a reality. 

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Featured Smile Card Story

The Victoria Genealogical Society Established in 1978 we are celebrating our 40th year of supporting family history research to help people to find their family and find their roots. We are a volunteer run, non profit society and currently have 280 members, many of whom volunteer with our society to promote the virtues of family history research and to preserve and celebrate our local history and heritage. 

Through volunteering for the Society I’ve been lucky enough to help people find their family and find their roots. It’s incredibly exciting to have someone I am helping shriek out in joy something like “you’ve found my grandmother”. I’ve had people break down in tears as they explained to me that they’ve always felt something was missing, a sense of emptiness, until moments like this. It’s a powerful moment and very addictive - you want to get right back at it and help more people to find their roots.

A great social benefit of genealogy is that it brings people together regardless of differences in religion, sexuality, nationality, political beliefs or social/economic level. It’s truly inclusive. 

I’m also proud of the community and heritage projects our Society’s members have undertaken over the years. From recording and transcribing headstones in the Veteran’s Cemetery in Esquimalt – a designated National Heritage Site – to preserve and honour those who served for their country going back to 1868. To our current joint project with the Victoria Police Department’s Historical Society (VICPD) and the University of Victoria to digitize, preserve and transcribe historical records of the VICPD, like their Early Charge Books that go back to 1874.

Our Society members have really embraced the Thrifty Food’s Smile Card Program. They know the proceeds provide very important research subscriptions for use by our members and visitors at our Genealogy Learning & Research Centre located in Royal Oak Shopping Centre. We remind members regularly about the progress of our Smile Card fundraising campaign through emailed newsletters, website updates and announcements at events and meetings, etc. We make it easy for members to get Smile Cards from us and to ask questions of us. We have well over 100 Smile Cards out there…and card holders regularly ask how the campaign is going and take pride in helping our society in this way. 

Merv Scott
Director at Large Victoria Genealogical Society
Feb 20/2018


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