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candy cane lollipop on hot chocolate

DIY Candy Cane White Chocolate Lollipops

Need something to shine at a cookie exchange or a sweet gesture for your co-workers or neighbours? These White Chocolate Candy Cane Lollipops taste amazing & make excellent stir sticks for coffee or hot chocolate!
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peppermint platter with cookies

DIY Peppermint Platter

Does your Tupperware go MIA at this time of year? Try making this platter to give friends and family cookies or use as a trivet to show off a beautiful dessert.
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cookie bowl

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls

Find out how to make your sweet treats in a cookie bowl you can eat.
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piece of pie

How to Prepare Pie Crust

Learn to prepare pie crust in 7 simple steps.
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piping bag

How to use a Piping Bag

A piping bag is a handy tool for creatively topping savoury dishes, such as canapés, and desserts of all kinds. Here are some tips on filling and using one.
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