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Make Your Own Hanging Basket

Creating a beautiful hanging basket is easier than you may think.

Step 1: Choose Your Basket

Get creative! You can use anything to make a beautiful arrangement out of found items from your home or your neighbourhood second hand store like baskets, painted tin cans, colanders, clay pots, or even old lighting fixtures.

Step 2: Line Your Basket

You will need to line your basket to keep the soil in place and help with water retention, especially if you are using something like a wire frame or wicker basket that has large gaps. There are many different liners to choose from such as sphagnum moss, landscape fabric, burlap, or coconut fibre. Choose a liner based on how much moisture your plants need, and how you want your basket to look.

Step 3: Get Planting

Start adding soil to your basket and pat down firm until you have a 4-5” base. Add a loose layer of soil to fill the basket 2/3 full. Place your desired plants according to their spacing and planting depth needs. Top up with soil if needed. Proudly hang your basket and water as needed.