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At the Grocery Store

Top 6 tips to protect your food while shopping.
  1. Choose dry and canned goods first. Cans that are dented or bloated at the seams should not be purchased.
  2. Purchase refrigerated and frozen items last to prevent them from warming up as you shop.
  3. Separate and double bag raw meats and poultry to prevent cross contamination of leaking juices to other food items in your cart.
  4. Choose hot deli items last if you are consuming it right away to ensure it stays hot to prevent bacteria growth. Have these items bagged separately to avoid warming of other products.
  5. Return home as soon as possible after grocery shopping to prevent cold items from warming up and allowing bacteria to grow. Bacteria can multiply rapidly and reach dangerous levels in the temperature range of 4 °C - 60 °C. If you can't return home immediately, put perishable food items in a cooler to keep things cool.
  6. Clean your reusable bags. We suggest you wash your bags monthly, or when the bags are soiled (have had food juices spilled in them).