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Artisan Breads

the hearth bakery artisan bread
We are lucky to have talented Red Seal Bakers on our Thrifty Foods team. Bakers like Seth, who is passionate about things like "natural starters" and "wild yeast".
In 2013, we sent Seth to the San Francisco Baking Institute to learn from the world’s best artisan bread bakers. When he came back, he brought with him some incredible recipes… and a new friend named Oscar.
Authentic sourdough bread is made using a ‘live’ starter (yup, Seth’s friend Oscar). The starter acts like a very slow rising yeast and gives sourdough bread its trademark taste and fabulous texture. Each time our Thrifty Foods Bakers make breads using Oscar, they use and then replace a portion of him so he’s never entirely used up. And we’ve got one more trick up our sleeve to make amazing artisan bread: patience.

Artisan Breads

Our Bakers have found giving Oscar a full 24 hours to work his magic through the dough of each loaf is worth the wait! Then, they just pop the perfectly risen loaves into one of our stone oven’s three baking chambers and – voila! – bread so delicious that many of our bakers insist on signing the bread bags.

Our Artisan Breads

  • Applewood Smoked Cheddar Loaf

    The Hearth Bakers are awfully good mathematicians. According to their calculations, when you start with something as good as our sourdough base and add in delicately smoked, incredibly flavourful applewood smoked cheddar cheese, you’ll end up with deliciousness. Try this artisan loaf and we’re sure you’ll agree.
  • Apricot Walnut Loaf

    Sweet and crunchy, rustic and nutty, crisp and chewy, our Apricot Walnut Loaf is one of our  favourites from The Hearth. Made from walnuts toasted in The Hearth’s stone ovens, apricots gently soaked to bring out their softness and flavour, and our naturally leavening sourdough base, this bread is absolutely worth the patience and attention required to make it!
  • Ciabatta Loaf

    “Cha-bah-ttah” (since you’ve probably wondered) means ‘slipper’ in Italian, and is a rustic, Italian-style country bread made from very wet, sticky dough. To get the light and airy texture, The Hearth’s Bakers handle the ultra-delicate dough incredibly gently and as little as possible, which is why every loaf comes out a unique shape.

  • Country Loaf

    There’s white bread, and then there’s this white bread: rustic, made-from-scratch, totally versatile, and all delicious. Though our Country Loaf starts with the natural leavening of Oscar (our live sourdough starter), this bread has no sour flavour. We make the crust extra thick to keep all that moist yumminess fresh extra-long.
  • Kalamata Olive and Feta

    Our traditional San Francisco style sourdough mixed with generous portions of thyme, Kalamata black olives, and deliciously salty feta cheese is bread with flavour turned to maximum. Whether you are sitting down to a simple family supper or hosting the fanciest of dinner parties, this bread is a winner every time.
  • Multigrain Loaf

    Can something this good really be good for you? Indeed it can! Our Multigrain loaf is made from our naturally leavening sourdough base combined with seven different kinds of seeds and grains. To make the bread extra earthy and delicious (and more digestible too), we roast the seeds in our stone hearth oven and then soak them overnight before mixing them into our dough. This is bread worth saying good morning to!
  • Roasted Garlic Asiago Sourdough

    Our Roasted Garlic Asiago Sourdough starts as a traditional San Francisco style sourdough, baked just shy of completely. While it is still steaming hot from the oven, we score its top crust lengthwise and stuff the score with cloves of roasted garlic, Asiago and mozzarella cheese. Finally, we pop it back in the oven to finish baking, allowing the cheese and garlic to infuse throughout the entire loaf. Hungry yet? This is the perfect suppertime accompaniment.
  • Rye

    When you are looking for a deliciously hearty, keep-you-going-all-morning kind of bread, look no further than our Sourdough Rye. Made with our natural sourdough starter and 40% rye flour, this bread is high in density and flavour.
  • San Francisco Sourdough

    It all starts here: this white sourdough provides the ideal base for almost all of The Hearth’s delicious artisan breads and, all on its own, is bread perfection. Who doesn’t love the simplicity of white sourdough’s crispy crust and soft, chewy centre, warm from stone oven, with nothing more than a dab of butter? 
  • Twice Baked Potato

    Looking for lunch? Chunks of baked baby potatoes, smoky bacon, fresh green onions, and cheddar cheese, all baked into our traditional San Francisco style sourdough. Oh yes we did. And once you try it, you’ll understand exactly why we keep doing it.
  • Whole Wheat

    If you still think the main reason you should eat whole wheat bread is because it’s good for you, you haven’t tried our Sourdough Whole Wheat. Go ahead and give it a try for its health benefits; when you come back for seconds, it’ll be because it’s so darned tasty.
To enjoy our artisan bread while it’s at its best, we recommend you store it in a closed paper bag and eat it within two days (believe us – you’ll have trouble making it last that long!). If you want to keep it for later, freeze it wrapped in foil and then plastic. To thaw, warm the loaf to room temperature in foil, then heat for 10 minutes at 350 F to bring the crispy crust right back to life.