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Decadent Donuts

We have a (now not-so-secret) secret: we really love donuts. But not just any donuts: we’re passionate about handmade, from-scratch, spectacularly fresh and delicious donuts.
Turns out The Hearth’s Bakers are pretty excited about donuts too, and jumped in with all kinds of fabulous flavour options, like Peanut Butter Banana, Salted Caramel, Cookie Monster, Candy Apple and M&M Lover, and topping ideas like fresh berries, dark chocolate, maple glaze, even bacon bits. And just like that, a delicious idea came to life at The Hearth.

Hosting a get-together, a party, or a corporate event? The Hearth Donuts will win cheers from everyone. Give us a call ahead if you’re planning to treat a crowd so we can make sure we’ve got your favourite flavours boxed up and ready just for you!

Warning: once you’ve tried our Hearth donuts, nothing else will compare...