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DIY Christmas Tree Cheeseboard

Make a traditional cheeseboard stand out during the holidays with this Christmas Tree design.

Step 1:

Cube or slice your favourite assortment of cheeses. Try soft, aged, blue, goat and smoked cheeses to add texture and variety to your board. Ensure to cut extra to replenish your board as it is being devoured.

Step 2:

Select accompaniments for your cheeses, such as grapes, olives, cherry tomatoes, nuts, dried fruit and fresh herbs for garnish.

Step 3:

Build your Christmas Tree Cheeseboard by starting at the trunk using nuts, such as pecan halves or whole skin-on almonds.

Step 4:

Continue from the trunk up, layering different types of cheese with your accompaniments. Top the tree with a slice of cheese cut into a star shape and garnish with fresh herbs. Serve the cheeseboard with crackers and sweet and savoury spreads.